Dumbbell Workout for Chest
The Dumbbell Workout

When I was a teen, my father had a set of dumbbells. Nothing fancy, just a plain simple set. They were stashed away in some unknown corner of my house. Until one day, one I found them. This was the beginning of my fitness journey. I do expect that a lot of you started your early fitness journey with just pair of dumbbells too.

If you are new to weight training, the gym may look a bit intimidating to you. They have a lot of machines and equipments to train your body. Most of those equipments are just for fancy Instagram pictures. What you actually need is just a set of dumbbells which you can use to begin your training.

Even if you are experienced at weight lifting, there should be no doubt that there is a long list of good muscle traning exercises which can be done using dumbbells alone.

There are various reasons to opt for dumbbell workouts like:

  1. More activation of muscles
  2. Wider range of motion
  3. No waiting at gym
  4. You can exercise at home
  5. Large Set of exercises are available

We at “The Dumbbell Workout” believe that a man’s best friend is his dumbbells. We focus on bringing the best workouts out there for you which can be done using dumbbells alone. Follow us if you want to keep updated for ultimate dumbbell workouts.